book news, plus a podcast interview.

two kisses for maddy (dua kecupan untuk maddy‏) is officially on the shelves in indonesia, which is pretty surreal (this copy comes courtesy of a friend of my friend, eshwari, who happens to live in jakarta).

the indonesian translation is published by serambi.

here’s the front cover:

cover of the bahasa indonesia translation of two kisses for maddy.

(that photo was edited like crazy…i don’t have cheekbones like that).

bahasa indonesia back

and here’s an illustration from inside the book:

image inside the bahasa indonesia translation of two kisses for maddy.

it even came with a bookmark!

bahasa indonesia bookmark

according to google translation, the title reads:

two kisses for maddy

wait! that’s no fun…

here’s the full google translation of the publisher’s page, just in case you want to read it.

and the microsoft translator (which apparently serves mostly as a warning about using this translator) translates the title like this:

two peck for maddy

here’s the full microsoft translation of the publisher’s page.

so if you’re in indonesia, please go out and pick up the book. as i’ve done for past international versions of two kisses for maddy, the first person to send me a photo of him/her holding the book gets some sort of sweet prize. send your photo to me via twitter, instagram (i’m @mattlogelin both places) or via email: mattandmaddy (at) gmail (dot) com

also, i was recently featured on an episode of the inside acting podcast. no, i have not taken up acting, but i did discuss my life, my book, and of course, what’s it’s like to have my book optioned by lifetime. the interview was cut up into three parts.

part 1 is here.

part 2 is here.

(part 3 will be available next tuesday)

and in lifetime news, the contract is officially signed. what does the mean? i’m not really sure, but from what i understand, it simply means that the writers can get to work on the outline, which will then lead to the screenplay, which hopefully will be loved by lifetime, who will then start casting and filming. the very little i do know about the process is discussed in the podcast linked above, so give it a listen!

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