there you are,

arms up,

smile on your face,

having the time

of your life.

just a few minutes

earlier i was

trying to convince

you to walk up

those stairs with me

(not alone),

knowing that you

would be hesitant…

i was right

(i tell you all the time that i can see the future and i can).

you sat down

in my lap, clutching

my arm

(inflicting actual pain),

digging your nails

deeper and deeper

while we rode to the bottom.

when we got there,

you yelled,

“again! again!”

(which i also could also see in your future).

and for the next

20 mins

you rode again and again

while i stood

at the bottom,

knowing that

our future together

is gonna go

just like it did

that day on the slide.

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