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before you read it somewhere else first…

read it somewhere else, first: lifetime has optioned my book, two kisses for maddy. what does this mean? well, nothing is ever guaranteed (especially in hollywood), but there’s a chance that my book will be adapted for a lifetime movie. some pretty amazing folks have signed on to make sure this thing is done well. […]

japanese translation of 2k4m.

just got a package in the mail with the japanese translation of two kisses for maddy it’s published by kodansha & translated by yumi hattori. according to google translation of the page (which may not be the most reliable translation but it’s all i’ve got unless you or someone you know can translate it for […]

book news.

as i may or may not have mentioned to you several times before, on tuesday april 3rd, the paperback version of my book, two kisses for maddy (with a new chapter, additional photos, and a reading group guide) hits book stores around the country (and can can be downloaded to your favorite futuristic, un-book reading […]

check it.

as excited as i was to see my book in print for the first time, i was even more excited when i got this in the mail:

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