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weekly playlist #6.

here it is, a week late, the 6th installment of my weekly playlists. i think the average blog reader will like roughly 10 out of the 20 songs. 50% is pretty damn good. the music player is at the bottom of the page. this one is kinda country centric, and here’s why…

weekly playlist #5.

it’s a day late (what can i say, i was traveling) and time for the fifth installment of my weekly playslist. this time around, i bet the majority of the people who actually listen to the playlist will like about 9 out of the 20 songs. that’s 45%, and 15% less than last week. as […]

weekly playlist #3.

put on your headphones, it’s monday and time for another weekly playlist. this time around, i bet the majority of you, my blog readers, will like roughly 10 songs on this playlist. that’s 50% and that’s not too bad. as always, leave a comment telling me what you’re listening to. you’ll find the playlist widget […]

weekly playlist #2.

okay, so i got a couple of emails from people asking me not to hide the playlists, so i’ve acquiesced…they’ll show up on the main page and will be available in an rss feed. blog reader danielle alerted me to a site that will (legally) allow me to post the entire playlist. there are a […]

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