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one week + two days before we count another 25th off of the calendar. my child, the person who has helped me through, has made me me, has made me whole, she needed me last saturday. …

our night at the stadium.

after months of letting madeline teach me things i know nothing about (comic books, superheroes, star wars, etc), it was time for me to give her a bit of an education on something that i love (and so did liz).

book news.

as i may or may not have mentioned to you several times before, on tuesday april 3rd, the paperback version of my book, two kisses for maddy (with a new chapter, additional photos, and a reading group guide) hits book stores around the country (and can can be downloaded to your favorite futuristic, un-book reading […]


“daddy, what did my mommy’s voice sound like?” at least (i thought) i was prepared for this one.

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