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why is it…

that my favorite photos of us, always seem to include balloons? (see?)


bluer than any i’ve seen in, like, forever. eyes like the ones your mom used to show me love. now. when you look at me, i feel the love of two.

i really like…

watching you explore your world, wherever in the world we happen to be. but i was a little scared when you climbed this ladder. it seems that you have no fear, which is something i really love about you. but please be careful, because i don’t need any more gray hair.

i couldn’t help….

but see your mom in this photo. we used to come to this place, and walk down this same street, and talk about a future with you, before you were you, and watch similar clouds roll over us. and last year i was here with you, but you couldn’t walk, and you had no words […]

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