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my budding criminal mastermind.

on wednesday, i picked maddy up from school. she was super excited to show me what she’d made for me. i asked, “what is it?” “it’s a feather, daddy. no, no. it’s a knife.” oh. i thought it looked more like a prison shank than a feather. then yesterday i dropped her off at school […]

a video that someone else made.

a few weeks ago there were some people at our house with cameras: they were filming a segment for the series, you’ve got… and they made this: (which i really love).


so of course she wanted to jump in the puddle (who wouldn’t). i told her she could, but if she did, she may get wet, and that if she got wet, she may hate her life (an expression i use often to explain the potential consequences of her actions). three jumps and some wet pants […]

almost four years ago…

almost four years ago i carried my baby through the doorway of an unfamiliar house, and left her in the arms of some strangers for the first time.

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