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this is how it works.

images, random, (kind of), arranged as they happened in my head (followed by the thoughts). (click here to make it a little bigger)


here they come yellow, white and pink they burst forth, a sign to the neighbors of a change (seasonal) and to me, a reminder of something different. in this place (as the story goes) there are no seasons, yet there are definite markers of time. the yellow ones, (color only) remind me of the first […]


green from top to bottom, except for a little bit of blue in the middle. the colors familiar but blurred by distance. the movements, (reanimated) unseen, avoided. until now. (paused). the smile, the same one i see everyday but not. (still paused). i remember this moment like i was actually there and now, almost 12 […]

clouds and ice.

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