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“where are you from?”

(i wrote the following for a blog called widow’s voice, a blog primarily for widowed people. i thought i’d post it here just because). that’s a question i used to get asked a lot in my previous life, (you know, the one before my wife died) it was either preceded by, or sometimes followed by, […]

we’re doing something right.

i got an email from an old friend the other day… at the end she mentioned that she attached a photo that she’d found while cleaning her house. it was a photo of liz and me in college. (i would attach it here, but it’s a pretty awful photo of me). i showed the photo […]


it’s pure joy to see maddy with her auntie, the two of them, as close as they would have been if… well, you know. … sometimes it’s the after that defines things, and after everything that’s happened, i’m happy that this she is such a big part of our after.

missing a lot.

week three of my trip around the country talking about that thing i worked on for madeline. it’s been a week since i’ve seen my baby. (well, a week since i hugged my baby. i saw some photos that her grandma broccoli sent my way of maddy covered (and i mean covered) in temporary tattoos, […]

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