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trip to alaska.

last year i won a couple of airline vouchers at a charity auction and they needed to be used up by the end of october, so i gave maddy and brooke the option of going to hawaii (warm weather, beaches, hiking, relaxation) or heading up to alaska (cold weather, cold weather, cold weather) to visit […]

last week.

two saturdays ago, we took maddy to the playground. we all had a ton of fun.

last week.

last week we jumped on a plane for our yearly trip to akumal, mexico with liz’s dad’s side of the family (including us, i think it was 28 people) this was maddy’s fourth trip (or fifth, if you include the time we flew from mexico to chicago to meet oprah, then flew back to mexico […]

trip to istanbul.

brooke and i took a short trip to istanbul while maddy stayed with the grandparents. why istanbul? well, neither one of us had been there, and it sounded like a nice place to spend a few days. i could write a whole bunch about the trip, but i think the photos tell the story much […]

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