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i couldn’t help….

but see your mom in this photo. we used to come to this place, and walk down this same street, and talk about a future with you, before you were you, and watch similar clouds roll over us. and last year i was here with you, but you couldn’t walk, and you had no words […]

asleep with cookie.

i love it when you do things like this. i mean, a few years ago i would have thought, “damn…that kid is getting crumbs all over my bed.” but now… now i just look at you and smile, thinking about how you are the one who can make the shittiest day ever disappear in seconds. […]

get shovelin’, kid.

you’ve got to start earning your keep, kid. plus you’re never gonna see this white stuff in los angeles, so enjoy it while you can. (where did your right hand go?)

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