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asleep with cookie.

i love it when you do things like this. i mean, a few years ago i would have thought, “damn…that kid is getting crumbs all over my bed.” but now… now i just look at you and smile, thinking about how you are the one who can make the shittiest day ever disappear in seconds. […]

on this day…

the taj mahal was her playground. and i couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the smile on her face, as she ran around, screaming for joy.

heat, or lack thereof.

we walked here, in the same place you now stand, through a uttar pradeshian summer, the two of us, hand-in-hand until we could no longer. still we walked near one another, separated by it, yet kept close because of it. we learned about this place, hearing how it and a lack of water drove them […]


so the other night we to dinner at your mom’s favorite restaurant in bangalore. a fancy vietnamese place at an even fancier hotel. she used to hang out here while she waited for me to finish my work day. it was nice to walk in that night, and see another reminder of her… her favorite […]

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