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i really like…

watching you explore your world, wherever in the world we happen to be. but i was a little scared when you climbed this ladder. it seems that you have no fear, which is something i really love about you. but please be careful, because i don’t need any more gray hair.

i couldn’t help….

but see your mom in this photo. we used to come to this place, and walk down this same street, and talk about a future with you, before you were you, and watch similar clouds roll over us. and last year i was here with you, but you couldn’t walk, and you had no words […]

asleep with cookie.

i love it when you do things like this. i mean, a few years ago i would have thought, “damn…that kid is getting crumbs all over my bed.” but now… now i just look at you and smile, thinking about how you are the one who can make the shittiest day ever disappear in seconds. […]

on this day…

the taj mahal was her playground. and i couldn’t have been more thrilled to see the smile on her face, as she ran around, screaming for joy.

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