madeline photos

joy. no need to look at the camera. imagine my surprise... when... why is it... eyes. i really like... i couldn't help.... asleep with cookie. get shovelin', kid. maddy & daddy (winter version) terrified of the snow people. we visited santa. on this day... heat, or lack thereof. what we're doing. flowers. fun. old photo, new sentiments. up. i am... morning routine. everyday... remember... we... there's just something... proud. i'm pretty sure... somewhere. dream fulfilled. diaper change. you... hand-in-hand. wearing a promise. here is here. first auto rickshaw ride. i've seen these before. alone, but not really. just like your mom... at a hindu temple. today. yeah... madeline and vinod. i expect so much from you... a warning she didn't need. post-travel nap. exhausted. please, please, please let me sleep. passed out, hand in sink. in the tokyo airport. before our trip. before running errands/daycare. us. before work/daycare. morning walk. before work/daycare. i don't want your raisins, maddy. at the la brea tar pits. at the la brea tar pits. happy. looking tall. at the llf gala. tuesday - september 15th. early days. screaming maddy. up. on the beach in akumal. maddy and daddy on the beach. on my shoulders. wandering through joshua tree. desert lunch. walking. on a rooftop in hell's kitchen. holding tight. maddy and daddy at tulum. reaching... playing in the leaves. at the museum with our friends. down by the river. awww...matching hats!  rushing toward the goal line. upside down. on a hike at runyon canyon. glasses. feet. in the grass. looking. in an elevator. trip to banff. happy. boating in central park. on my shoulders. on the beach in santa monica. lunch in sausalito. in a bin near airport security at lax. two weeks old. maddy and long arms. on the streets of nyc. in a bear den. in a bear den. flying. caged. boating in central park. on the brooklyn bridge. on a couch. looking at the birds. on a rooftop in hell's kitchen. boating in central park. los angeles. punching daddy. at the hospital. resting. taking a break. visiting the doctor. maddy + daddy in banff. pausing... out... playing with her shoes. what? madeline in hat.
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