one week + two days

before we count

another 25th off

of the calendar.

my child,

the person

who has helped me

through, has

made me me,

has made me whole,

she needed me

last saturday.

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17 years ago today.

17 years ago


i went on my

first date with


and today,

maddy and i

learned how to ski.

(she’d be pretty fucking proud of us).


my budding criminal mastermind.

on wednesday, i picked

maddy up from school.

she was super excited to

show me what she’d made

for me.


i asked,

“what is it?”

“it’s a feather, daddy. no, no. it’s a knife.”


i thought it looked more

like a prison shank

than a feather.

then yesterday i

dropped her off at

school and before

i could leave she said,

“wait…i want to make you something before you leave.”

(a few seconds of cutting and scribbling later)

she presented me with this:

making counterfeit money.

i asked,

“what is it?”

“daddy, i made you a $100 bill. i drew president obama on it! you can buy me toys with this!

oh. i’m starting to

worry about what they’re

teaching her at this school.

i mean, she’s

clearly pre-planning her

escape from prison

by fashioning

herself a shank,

after having gone to jail for

counterfeiting money

so i can buy her toys.

(i love this kid).

upcoming events.

here’s some info on a couple of events i’ll be participating in, both of which i’m excited to tell you about:


if you’re interested in joining us, here’s the event page with tons of info.

and if you’re really interested in joining us, here’s the registration page. registration begins on january 25th.

(proceeds to benefit the liz logelin foundation)

hope to see you there.


also, next tuesday, january 29th i’ll be in minnesota to speak at the st. paul chamber of commerce meeting.

additional info and registration can be found here.

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