book giveaway.


just wanted to remind you that if you want a free copy of two kisses for maddy, you have until midnight (pacific time) on march 6th (this sunday) to enter to win one of ten copies from goodreads. click here for more information.

in addition to the copies available on goodreads, i have a few advance reader copies (aka galleys, aka uncorrected, paperback proofs) that i’d be happy to part with. just leave a comment below, along with a valid email address (your email address will not be shared). it doesn’t have to be anything profound, just “i want one!” or something like that. ***comments are closed on this giveaway. the next giveaway starts on friday, march 11th*** i’ll be giving away one copy per week, every friday until the book comes out on april 14th. the contest closes at 12:01am (pacific time) on tuesday. i’ll choose a winner at random from the comments, and announce it sometime on tuesday.

finally, i’ve added a few dates to my book tour, including the gaithersburg book festival in gaithersburg, md, the brookline booksmith in brookline, mass, the bookcase in wayzata, mn, and several others. click here or the book link at the top of the page for dates/times for all of the scheduled events.

(oh…the wendy williams show is about to start. i’ve gotta go).

book trailer.

a couple of weeks ago i tweeted this photo of a video shoot:


the video we were filming was a trailer for my book. the result is after the jump…

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weekly playlist #1

after a bunch of requests, i’m finally getting around to adding a section to the blog about the music i’m listening to.

the plan is to create a weekly playlist and post under the “playlist” page at the top of my blog, every monday. (after this post, they’ll no longer show up on the home page). some of the songs will be new, some will be old. most will be sad. some will be happy. some will have singing. some will be instrumentals. rule: 20 tracks a week. basically this will be a snapshot of what i’m listening to that week. (links go to the individual track on amazon.com. if the individual track is not available, i link to the album). in most cases you should be able to preview the track, just in case you want to buy it. i wish i could just post the music here, but i’d probably end up in jail.

anyway, use the comment section to post your playlists, if you so choose.

here we go…

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last week.

last week we

jumped on a plane

for our yearly

trip to akumal, mexico with


dad’s side of

the family

(including us, i think it was 28 people)

this was maddy’s

fourth trip

(or fifth, if you include the time we flew from mexico to chicago to meet oprah, then flew back to mexico to finish up our trip)

to akumal.

during each of her

previous visits, she

as a little too little

to really enjoy

it, so i was excited to

be visiting the

place with an older,

more excitable madeline.

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